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Tech Supply Chain Conference & Exposition will bring together the best of businesses, Global Chief Supply Chain Officers, CPOs, Head of Logistics, Chief Digital Officers & Vice Presidents, from leading Industries. A leadership focused platform designed around improving supply chain, logistics and procurement strategy across the globe.

The 2 Day summit is pressed on achieving innovation, maximizing supply chain profitability and increasing visibility and flexibility to mitigate risk. Start your journey to mastery now. Understand the future role Chief Supply Chain Officer. Secure your spot for the latest trends and strategies for vast global supply chains.



  • Going beyond cost reduction and control to enable profitable growth
  • Building a flexible supply chain to deal with uncertainty
  • Managing for customer service while balancing risk and cost
  • Managing Risk in a Global Market


  • Tools and Logistics processes engineered for greater efficiency
  • Taming complex supply chains to reduce costs without increasing risk
  • Supplier Management that drives "should cost" mentality
  • Cost Reduction through Network Optimization


  • Disruptive technologies that are changing the supply chain environment
  • The impact of additive manufacturing
  • The Agile Supply Chain as a source of competitive advantage
  • Understanding how IoT will interact and change the Supply Chain


  • Going beyond cost reduction and control to enable profitable growth
  • Talent Management as a driver to reduce labor costs
  • Identifying top performers and building the talent pipeline
  • Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Speakers – 2019

Vinit Goenka

Vinit Goenka

Keynote Speaker, Member-Governing Council, Min of Railways at CRIS

View Profile

K R Sanjiv

K R Sanjiv

Chief Technology Officer at Wipro Limited

View Profile

Bhavana Bindra

Bhavana Bindra

Board of Directors and Vice President, Distribution Business Unit at Cummins India Limited

View Profile

Nat Parameswaran

Nat Parameswaran

Group Vice President, Global Procurement and Supply Chain at USG Boral Building Products

View Profile


Tech Supply Chain Con (Conference & Exposition) has been designed to facilitate open discussion and networking for industry experts from discrete and process manufacturing industries, looking to future proof their supply chain strategy. The programme will be of particular interest to CSCOs, CPOs, Directors, Heads of and Senior Management in the following roles and functions:

  • Supply Chain
  • Supply & Operations Planning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data
  • Procurement
  • Warehouse & Inventory
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Operations
  • Business Systems
  • IT Architecture
  • Customer Management

CPO Innovation– Tech Supply Chain Innovation Awards 2019 will felicitate the best of innovative Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement & Business win practices. These awards recognize different aspects of Supply Chain that have enabled SCM as function to strengthen its role in the larger business context making it mission critical to organizations.

Recognizing excellence in adopting innovative methodologies toward Digital Supply Chain Transformation

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Best In Supply Chain Innovation

Recognizing excellence in adopting innovative methodologies to Digital Procurement Transformation

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Best in Procurement Innovation

Recognizing excellence in adopting innovative methodologies to Logistics Automation

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Best in Logistics Management for Automation Innovation

Recognizing excellence in adopting innovative methodologies to Supply Chain Visibility

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Best in Supply Chain Visibility

Recognizing excellence in adopting Strategic Supply Chain design

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Best in Supply Chain Strategy & Design

Celebrating the function that’s exemplifying how to nurture and retain SCM talent

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Best in Supply Chain Talent & Development

Recognizing excellence in supply chain initiative that has contributed outstanding top-line business performance, profitable growth, savings, and/or given a distinct competitive edge

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Best in Competitive Edge & Business Win

Recognizing excellence in continuous improvement, roll out to other divisions/extension of scope and their drive to further supply chain optimization

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Best Achievement Award for Continuous Supply Chain Optimization

Recognizing excellence in leveraging technology and analytics (home grown or market available) to design personalized and impactful initiatives

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Best in Leveraging Supply Chain Technology & Analytics

Recognizing excellence in Supply chain initiative that has achieved a positive, quantifiable impact on society, local communities and/or the environment

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Best in Social Impact

Recognizing excellence in unique and advanced approaches toward managing supply chain risk in a vuca world and modern methods implemented toward dealing with uncertainty

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Best in Innovative Approaches to Managing Supply Chain Risks and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Recognizing excellence in procurement initiatives that enable purpose-driven work, transforming elevating procurement to a new plateau of performance, enabling the transformation of the procurement function from an overhead support function to both being and being perceived as a Value Added Center of Profit

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Best in Advanced Procurement Practices

Recognizing excellence in supply chain initiative that has contributed outstanding top-line contribution to developing supply chain finance

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Best In Supply Chain Finance










Service providers, vendors & consultants

Full Day conference INR 30,000 + GST
(by 21 March 2019)
INR 35,000 + GST
(by 28 March 2019)
INR 38,500 + GST
(by 09 April 2019)

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