Anant Sagar, CPSCM™

Anant Sagar, CPSCM™ Global delivery Leader at GEP

Anant is a proven business leader with expertise in both Revenue and Cost management spanning Procurement & SCM. His multi-disciplinary career spans Vendor and Customer Management, Cost and Bill Rates Optimization, Senior Executive/ CXO level management, Global Policies and Process Architecture, Business Transformation and Transition, New deal Sales and Solutions Consulting, and management of Global Business Operations and Delivery over nearly 14 years. His also ventured into entrepreneurship for a brief while and worked in the social sector while taking time off from corporate life before joining GEP Worldwide as the Global Services Delivery Leader in Procurement and SCM function.

Anant is an excellent collaborator known to drive convergence of divergent minds and personalities towards an organizational goal. A proven team player, passionate mentor, speaker and coach, he is awarded with many accolades through his professional career. Anant is also a voluntary academician empowering new-gen students with his knowledge and staying connected with the student community to build leadership abilities during academic gestation.

Anant is an ardent advocate of the potential of AI and RPA as enablement levers for both people and organizations to drive productivity and profits. He carries an engineering degree in Computer Sciences and an MBA in Systems and Marketing.