Mukesh Tiwari

Mukesh Tiwari SENIOR HR LEADER | Building Human Capital Infrastructure

A global leader who believes in changing culture through leadership development. Considers that great teams focused on their craft, powered by a compelling vision and organizational culture can achieve the impossible. Possess 18 years of experience across the multi-cultural environment in Strategic HR Management with a key focus on optimal utilization of resources, organization development & change management.

Holds the history of working across 20 countries spread across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific, including leadership and life experiences in key markets of India and China.

  • Strategy architect credited with the implementation of innovative HR initiatives to streamline processes and capitalize on growth opportunities; showcased skills across transformation, strengthening HR data integrity and cost optimization.
  • Proficient in performance management, compensation framework, talent management, leadership development, succession planning for improving the competence of the workforce and supporting ambitious growth plans.
  • Robust record of success in maintaining productive liaison with all interest groups and partners to secure their continuous support.