Nikhil Sud

Nikhil Sud Chief Technology Officer at CoWrks

Nikhil Sud is the Chief Technology Officer at CoWrks, where he oversees the company’s technology, data analytics, and IT teams. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his master’s degree from Harvard University. Previously he was based in San Francisco with LiveRamp (acquired by Acxiom), and prior to that, he was a part of GE’s US-based Informational Technology Leadership Program (ITLP).

CoWrks’ core technology platform is a professional social network from which CoWrks members can interact with each other and purchase from a suite of add-on services. Besides this, Nikhil’s teams are working on several projects in cutting edge domains such as artificial intelligence, IoT, smart spaces and AR/VR aimed at making CoWrks a technology-driven company that provides value over and above its core space offering.

Nikhil is passionate about travel and teaching. He taught app development for digital entrepreneurship to Israeli and Palestinian high school students in Jerusalem and has taught Italian high schoolers using MIT OpenCourseWare in Milan. He has also taught leadership and public speaking at Qidong Middle School in Jiangsu Province, China.