Srinivas Mukku

Srinivas Mukku Head - Procurement CoE at Landmark Group

A Senior Procurement Professional. Mr. Srinivas comes with a wealth of market insights across varied product categories.

His passion lies in transforming procurement departments from being operational focused to becoming a true strategic constituent in their company’s growth. He has successfully led these transformations at CK Birla Group and Meru Cabs.

Srini has been instrumental in ensuring completion of projects much ahead of deadlines and well within budgets at C K Birla Group, thanks to his emphasis on adopting Strategic Sourcing Strategies.

He has held key responsibilities as Head- Procurement in CK Birla Group and Meru Cabs prior to joining Landmark Group in their Commercial department. His current responsibilities include managing the entire gamut of Non- Trade procurement, developing and driving sustainable procurement strategies and practices.

Srini is a strong advocate of adopting innovative technologies to drive efficiencies and effectiveness of the procurement processes. Opportunities to create tangible business impact motivated Srini to move from the staid world of Space as a Scientist at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to the hustle and bustle of Corporate India!

Mr. Srinivas holds a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post graduate degree in Masters of Business Administration.