Suhrid Shah

Suhrid Shah CEO at MavenVista Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Suhrid Shah, CEO of MavenVista Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a serial entrepreneur, passionate leader and a committed practitioner. He carries with himself experience of over thirty-five years across companies in the Manufacturing, Marketing and Technology verticals. This real-life experience has assisted him to have a natural understanding of business needs & the user perspective to create easily adaptable solutions leveraging technology to achieve business objectives.

Suhrid, during his experience span, has worked extensively in close collaborations with leading Institutes of India in Science & technology, the likes of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru to deliver technologically high complex engineering & IT solutions. In his entrepreneur journey in running a speciality chemicals marketing company for over a decade, he demonstrated his process orientation to achieve ISO 9002 certification for marketing & sales processes for the first time in India in the year 1986.

Being on both sides of the table (buyer & seller) during his journey in marketing prompted Suhrid to leverage this understanding to chart his journey to create VENDX, which is currently acknowledged as one of the most practical e-procurement solution in Indian market & is integral part of the procurement landscape of some of the leading companies of India across different industries.

Suhrid is a voracious learner & strongly believes in passionately expanding his network consistently to satisfy his hunger for knowledge & seek new ideas. His close associates comprise of acknowledged management gurus, highly experienced senior supply chain professionals, proficient technologists of different expertise & many others who can consistently enrich his understanding of different organizational functions & evolving
needs of the customers.

Suhrid is the graduate of economy & avid sports enthusiast with tilt on seeking new adventures for experiencing high adrenaline levels.